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sentix is the leading provider of behavioral finance data and consulting in Europe

The Company

The sentix GmbH is a Germany-based independent research institute, located in Frankfurt / Main. Founded in 2001, sentix provides analysts and investors, as well as the media and officials, with information about investors’ preferences and their estimates and expectations about markets and economic trends. Sentix is recognized in the industry as one of the leading experts in market sentiment and Behavioral Finance data. Among our clients are big fund managements groups as well as banks and independent fiduciaries.

A unique dataset for Behavioral Finance Research

There are better data on prices than on people.

The above statement, made by Richard Thaler, one of the leading experts in Behavioral Finance, describes the dilemma investors’ face, when they want to implement the findings of Behavioral Finance into their investment process. Sentix fills this void, providing an accurate and timely set of ‘behavioral indices’. The more than 400 indices calculated by sentix answer your questions about market sentiment, polarizations in the markets, the state of the economy as well as the preference of investors to different sectors or styles. With the sentix data you will be able to spot overconfidence of investors, irritations among groups of traders and have a look to their positioning in the Equity and Bond markets. All datasets can be compared among each other. That gives you new insights into investor behavior and market dynamics!

We are specialized, and we are fast!

sentix is specialized in Behavioral Finance Research. Our main objective is to track investor sentiment as accurate and closely as possible. For that we have developed a unique approach in collecting our data, established a huge panel for our surveys and designed a proven questionnaire that allows us to calculate our highly valued datasets. We are fast. From collecting the data to the publication it takes only 1 workday! This is by far the fastest survey of its class in the world. Spot investor sentiment in real time – it’s possible with the sentix indices! Or take a gain with the sentix economic indices, known in the market for their “first mover advantage”.

High quality, high availability

We take the quality of our database serious. Our datasets rely on the estimates of more than 5,000 investors from more than 25 different countries. About 1,100 institutional investors, all individually authorized, constitute our institutional datasets. To deliver the data in time we run several servers and database systems. Three different backup locations provide a fail-safe environment. Quality for us also means to deliver the data without any hidden adjustments or undocumented recalculations.

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